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As I said in my comment, this picture is excellent. I'd even go as far as to call it a complete masterpiece. Heck, when I first saw thi...

I must say that this was fascinating! It was an... OOC representation of the HA characters, in truth, although that was what made it so...

I had been browsing Hey Arnold deviantart once I saw this wonderful piece. I was amazed to find that it looked even better than I had a...

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Eden of the Stars - Chapter 1
In the void of endless darkness, the sounds of fluorescent light beckoned to Eden. She stirred. The feeling of an intensely deep thirst prevented her from returning to the vast world of sleep. Eden was forced to open her eyes and gaze upon the realm of the unfamiliar. Eden was not in her bedroom, or even her house for that matter. This thought maintained its home in Eden’s mind for an inordinate amount of time before it was displaced by other, more horrifying knowledge.
Red and green wires sprouted from Eden’s hair and shot through the darkness. Blinking computer screens gladly ate the array of wires and cords. They stood opposite to Eden and cast untranslatable beams of light across the room. Strange shadows of stranger machines danced and played among the penumbras. A gear shimmered in a gleam of light, or perhaps it was a saw blade. Diagrams were pasted along the walls, depicting bizarre and more frightening beasts.
The first one that Eden noticed was that of a Labrador
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 51 17
Do you know what's fun
Writing letters to both your past self and your future self. I found an old memory box that... kind of gave me a weird feeling. Even though I clearly was the person who put everything in the box, it feels like the person who put this together was a completely different person. And that makes sense, I've changed. A lot. I started putting things inside that box in 2007, which is what... eight years ago?
What was in the box? Well, first of all that's where I put all of my birthday and holiday cards. Pretty much all of them. My dog's bandanna (Patrick, the one I made a video for). My first report card from high school. A Catholic Bible, which I got for my First Communion, and a lot of letters. The details are a little too personal to really get into, but I had a lot of anxieties. For example, one thing my past self wrote is "things that scare me are talking [and] novel situations..." I wrote that as a freshmen and high school was not the easiest time of my life, or the best time of my life
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 76 40
So who are your favorite characters
In all of media, whether it be television show (animated or not), movies (again, animated or not), comics, literature, or even songs? I'm thinking of making a list.
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 76 658
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Okay, so last night I was sitting there, just on the internet and completely bored.  Of course, everyone tells me about Tumblr, so I decided to check it out, and I decided that I liked it.  That's not even the craziest part, though.

I was scrolling through the Inside Out section of that site, and, I don't know, why, when, or how, but I... am sortakindamaybeaDisearshipper now.

I know what you're probably thinking....

Freddy's Nope Chat Icon
And I was like that too at first, until I realized that maybe they're kinda cute.

So, overall, Tumblr has... *cough* converted... me... to... a Disear shipper.  (Also I mightasortasawthatinterviewmaybe.) 
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United States
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Favorite Cartoon Character: That's difficult to choose... umm... either Helga or... Beast Boy.

Send me a note if you'd like to know my fanfiction name.


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